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Area Roommate Tired of Having to Pretend He Wasn’t Crying 20 Seconds Ago

Credit: ThinkTank Learning

On Friday, Alex Zheng '20 was interrupted during his weekly emotional catharsis when roommate, Jacob Pearson '20, returned from his Ec10b section early.

“It was realty frustrating,” Zheng said. “I’ve had to reschedule my weekly cry four times now because Jacob is apparently incapable of keeping track of time.”

Upon Pearson’s entrance into the shared double in Wigglesworth, Zheng hastily wiped his eyes on the sleeve of his shirt and told his mother that he would “talk to her later.” After realizing his faux pas, Pearson reportedly stood in the doorway for approximately 28 seconds before making eye contact with his roommate again.

“This week has been particularly tough,” Zheng said. “But I had this Friday from 4-5pm reserved a month in advance. RoomBook is the worst.”

On average, Zheng’s weekly cry lasts anywhere from 32 to 44 minutes. However, he has occasionally gone over time.

“It’s my own fault when I don’t pay attention to the clock,” Zheng said. “I was having a really great cry about three weeks ago. Absolutely soaking my pillow in tears. But I completely forgot that Jacob comes back to the room after lunch on Wednesdays. I think I’m going to have to start setting an alarm.”

At press time, Pearson had not yet asked whether or not his roommate was doing okay.

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