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Student in Maxwell Dworkin Actually Gollum

Turns out Gollum isn't a computer science concentrator.

CAMBRIDGE, MA – After months of being completely oblivious to the fact that there has been a fictional character living inside their building, Computer Science faculty have finally realized that Gollum is not actually another computer science student. 

"I mean, the pale skin, aversion to direct sunlight, laptop-induced hunchback, general dislike of direct eye-contact, and tendency to sleep in Maxwell Dworkin are all common traits among our concentrators," said Harry R. Lewis '68, chair of the department. "We tend to turn a blind eye towards students who sleep in our department because we don't really expect them to sleep anyway. It was a little weird when he started talking about 'his precious,' but some of my advisees refer to their senior theses that way." 
When pushed on the other things that Gollum hissed, Lewis explained, "I mean, Palantir is a pretty common word around here, and the 'Dark Lord' is how we all refer to Jane Street, so I don't really see anything out of the ordinary."
When other students were interviewed about Gollum's residence in their classroom building, most responded they hadn't thought about it too much. They reported that they didn't know anyone who knew him, but that really wasn't that uncommon for some computer science concentrators—neither was the hissing, strained vision, or propensity to talk to himself. At press time, Gollum has been escorted out of Maxwell Dworkin and is apparently looking to move to either the physics or math department.
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