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4 Flirty Emojis That’ll Make Him Say “Huh?” Because He Hasn’t Downloaded the New iOS Yet and It Showed Up as a Question Mark in a Box

So you’re texting a guy. You want to come off as flirty but also low-key but also fun. Which emoji should you throw in? These emojis are guaranteed to make him say “Wait I don’t get it” all night long—because he hasn’t downloaded the new iOS yet and your emoji showed up as a question mark in a box.

The mother cradling child emoji

1. The mother cradling her baby

No easier way to make him exclaim “Hey, this girl I’m texting may want to birth my children one day” than by sending him the emoji of the mother cradling her baby. The mother could be you! The baby could be his! Sadly, he won’t exclaim that—he’ll actually mutter “What?” under his breath—because he’s spent months pressing “Later” every time the “Software Update” notification has popped up on his screen.

The shush emoji

2. The shushing face

Old enough to be DTF but young enough to convey that you’re DTF via cartoon? The sexy shushing face is the emoji for you! Say something dirty, add in the shushing face for good measure, and wait nervously until he responds “Yeah IDK what you texted haha it showed up as a question mark in a box lol.” That means that he’s too addicted to his phone to let it update for 20 minutes! You’ve found a keeper!

The girl getting out of shower emoji

3. The girl getting out of the shower

You get that coveted “Hey wyd?” text. You respond with the girl getting out of the shower to imply that you’re currently undressed and passionate about personal hygiene. You’re definitely getting action tonight! Except you’re not, thanks to the fact that he’s still living in the dark ages of iOS 9.1, when we all still thought a burrito emoji was a big freaking deal. Congratulations, the love of your life has been avoiding the simplest of tasks since 2015.

The carton of food emoji

4. The carton of food

Work up the nerve to ask him out—feminism!—by texting “Yo wanna grab [insert carton emoji] tonight?” You’ll be sure to get an enthusiastic “Huh?” since he is so lazy that he never pushed a few buttons on his several-hundred-dollar toy and now thinks that you’re inviting him to grab a question mark in a box.

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