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Area White Woman Texts About Importance of “Black Panther” All Throughout “Black Panther”

O'Donnell texts throughout the movie.

ITHACA, NY — Area woman Nancy R. O’Donnell spent her Friday evening letting all of her friends know that Black Panther is “just SUCH an important film” as she sat in a movie theater watching Black Panther

O'Donnell texted at least nine friends while the movie was playing and another five after it ended. “I can’t believe such a small phone can create so much light,” said Arthur T. Jackson, a fellow moviegoer.

O’Donnell, a self-described activist, can usually be found making sure that people know that she’s a self-described activist. Her activism includes recycling, sharing that one New York Times article about Kristen Gillibrand, and posting solo selfies in which she calls herself “brave.”

“Yeah Nancy tends to do this…,” noted friend Keri E. Norwood as her phone lit up with a text about Black Panther. “She was only at the Women’s March for, like, 10 minutes to take a picture. She also talks a lot about how she IS Beyoncé. She's not.”

Asked if she could summarize the plot of Black Panther, O'Donnell laughed and said, “It’s just like a really important film because, like, representation you know?” Her Instagram story showed a photograph of the film poster with the caption “WOKEanda forever <3 <3 <3.”

At press time, O'Donnell was telling her friends that Call Me By Your Name was “just the best love story I’ve ever seen. Like, really.”

Image credit: NPR

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