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Report: You Have Same Plates at Home

Harriet has good taste, wouldn't you say?

HARRIET’S HOUSE – Reports from the monthly dinner party at Harriet’s place indicate that you have the same plates that she used for serving dinner in your kitchen cabinet at home.

“Oh really?” replied Harriet when you mentioned that you have the same plates at home. “Well, would you look at that!”

Other dinner party guests were similarly shocked by the coincidence.  

“Wow!” exclaimed Ted. “What a coincidence!”

However, other guests were more skeptical. 

“Hold on,” Janet asked Harriet. “Where did you get those plates?” The answer, according to Janet, was Kohl’s – the same place you got your plates.

“That makes sense since we both love shopping at Kohl’s,” said Harriet when you confronted her with this fact. 

An ongoing investigation into where Harriet got her cloth napkins has yet to reveal any further miraculous happenstances.

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