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Area Mom Wondering If It’s Been Long Enough To Buy Tiki Torches Again

"It aligns perfectly with my tribal decorative style..."
CANTON, OH - Sources say that area mom Linda S. Givings has been contemplating purchasing a Tiki brand torch for her backyard, but is worried that their recent use as a neo-nazi symbol may still prevent her from doing so. While the torches are exactly the kind of look she’s going for, they also possibly continue to serve as an unsettling reminder of just how racist the underbelly of America can be.
Givings believes that people of different races are welcome in America, and is waiting for the time she can purchase her Tiki torch without people assuming otherwise. In an interview, Givings lamented, “What if someone sees me at the checkout line holding a Tiki torch? Maybe they’ll see it and think I am getting it to decorate my backyard, or maybe they’ll think I’m contributing to a frightening new era of American nazi sympathizers. I’m not certain it’s time yet to take that risk. I’ll probably have to wait at least a couple more weeks.”
One thing is clear, though: the enduring quality of Tiki brand torches has no real substitute in the eyes of Givings. “Yeah, I could get some off-brand backyard torch decoration, but every time I'd look at it I would know that it could be a Tiki torch, and the Tiki torch would look so much better. It’s just such a shame that right now it was used so recently by literal nazis. Maybe a month from now.”
Givings was later seen perusing Amazon for seasonal black coats and colored arm bands.
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