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Activist Win! This Woman Liked Pete Souza’s Photo on Instagram

A big moment for activists everywhere.

PORTLAND, OR—In an act of #resistance that awed her friends and family, local hero Andrea Green liked Pete Souza’s photograph of former President Barack Obama on Instagram earlier this week.

Green reportedly gave the photo a quick double-tap after figuring out it was a biting criticism of President Donald Trump’s recent conduct. The photo showed Obama’s wide and friendly smile, which caused Green to make the astute point that Trump “doesn’t smile that much.”

“When I made the connection between Trump and that one photo Pete Souza posted, I felt I had to act,” Green said. “Since I kind of forgot to vote in 2016, it’s been super important to me that I contribute the occasional like for causes I believe in. ”

The like comes in a long history of activism by Green, including being a silent member of the group Pantsuit Nation on Facebook, listening to Pod Save America, ‘gramming a pic of herself wearing a feminist t-shirt, and occasionally retweeting Maggie Haberman’s articles.

Green said she hoped that her like would both inspire others in her circle to take up the mantle of activism, and signal that she, too, is deeply concerned about the state of political discourse in our country.

“Andrea inspires me so much,” her friend Susie McDowell said. “I mean, how are we going to win in 2018 unless we show our support on social media?”

At press time, Green was considering unfollowing Souza to “keep up her ratio,” but only so she could follow an adorable French bulldog named Snickerdoodle.

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