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Report: 92% of Americans Believe “Bolivia” Just Misspelling of Girl’s Name

What is this round thing?

ANYTOWN, USA — A recent study from the Pew Research Center discovered that 92% of Americans believe "Bolivia" is just "Olivia" but slightly misspelled.

Concluding that the “B” must be silent, a hefty majority of survey respondents surmised that the country “Bolivia” was an alternate spelling of one of the most popular American baby names.

Karen R. Jones, one of study's interviewees, commented, "I figured it was just one of those fancy new celebrity names! If Kim Kardashian can name her kid something fake like 'Chicago,' Bolivia seems like fair game."

The study additionally determined that many of the respondents had no concept of geography altogether. “You expect me to know about Bolivia?!” asked an astounded Dennis E. Myers, oblivious to the landlocked South American country that is home to 11 million people. “I never learned geology, dude.”

Asked to weigh in on Turkey’s involvement in Syria, Myers asserted that the only place Turkey belonged was “in my sandwich.”

Pressed about the independent Saharan republic of Chad, Jones replied, "Isn't he that lax bro from my high school who knocked up Tammy?"

Geography was not the only thing to which respondents were utterly oblivious. Some believed that the Renaissance was the hotel on Third Street that gives free cookies and that the Ideal Gas Law provided a mathematical formula for unleashing the perfect fart.

The study’s findings corroborated the results of a State Department investigation into American geographical knowledge, which concluded that 70% of Trivial Pursuit owners pick food out of their teeth with the question cards.

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