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Area Man Can't Figure Out Untranslated Italian Menu Items

Levitt reads the menu.

McKEESPORT, PA – Folding and refolding his white cloth napkin in his lap, area man John P. Stevens tried on Tuesday to order something really good at an Italian restaurant but could not figure out the untranslated menu items.

“Okay, let’s see here," said Stevens, fixing the collar of his plaid shirt and unsheathing his mobile phone from its place on his belt. "We’ve got pappardelle pancetta and campanelle with soppressata. Is that a type of espresso or something? Why do they have the desserts grouped up here with the entrées?"

He sighed. “I usually only ever go to the local bar, Frankie’s," he added, "so this is a big step for me." The waiter came around three times to check on Stevens' progress, only to find him hovered over his Google Translate app. 

After a couple minutes, Stevens threw his hands up in frustration. The waiter swooped in: “I would recommend the beautiful pappardelle, seasoned with truffles, cilantro, and dusted with pecorino."

At press time, Levitt was making his final decision, spaghetti with meatballs.

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