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Area Man Just Doing What He Loves

A man playing a guitar
May lazily strums his guitar.
SAN DIEGO, CA — Sources say area man Aidan May '20 is just doing what he loves. 
After spending an afternoon hanging out with his hometown friends, May reportedly laid in his bed for an hour practicing the guitar and listening to his favorite Michael Bublé album. Later, he drove to his local Sonic blasting Sara Bareilles' "King of Anything," feeling good about his classic vanilla milkshake and crispy chicken tenders.  
"It's so refreshing to not care about what's 'cool' and just do what you want to," May said while watching Friends with his little sister. 
Ignoring the New York Times' "Best of 2017" book list, May read his favorite childhood books, including the Magic Tree House series and Nancy Drew mysteries. He also rewatched the sixth season The Office, and cried for the fourth time during Jim and Pam's wedding at Niagara Falls. 
May has big plans for the break. "I may write some music," he stated. "Maybe go to the beach and relax for a couple of days? Who knows? There's so much time," he added, smiling peacefully.
May's Harvard friends, who had all secured prestigious tech Winternships in early October, were perplexed when they heard about how he was spending his few weeks at home. 
"I mean, good for him, but seems kind of unproductive," said Max Lofton '20, who was busy searching for the perfect crowd pleaser to add to his end-of-year Spotify playlist populated by dissonant indie rock songs. 
"Ah, The Smiths," he exclaimed. 
At press time, May was found celebrating the holidays, and eating late night Chinese food with his family. 
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