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5 Literally IMPOSSIBLE “Would You Rathers” for People with Fears of Commitment

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These "would you rather" questions will have you pondering just how much you care about getting dinner with that old friend.

These "would you rather" questions are darn near impossible, especially if you have a paralyzing fear of commitment. Would you rather...

1. Flunk out of college OR not be allowed to respond “maybe” to your friend’s party on Facebook?

Oh boy is this one difficult. You could choose to be an incredible disappointment to your family and jeopardize your future job prospects. But then again how can you be certain that you won’t be invited to an even better party at the same time?


2. Give up your favorite food for a year OR make definitive plans to meet up with someone?

Ben n’ Jerry’s New York Super Fudge Chunk is basically heaven in a pint-sized container, but you’re super busy and just aren’t sure when you’re going to be free to grab a meal, even though you need food to survive.   


3. Walk through a busy street wearing nothing but a fake moustache OR show up on time to an event?

You’ve always been super self conscious about your body. But everyone knows that the real party doesn’t start until 45 minutes after the stated start time, and seeming over-eager is criminally gauche.


4. Punch the Pope in the face OR schedule a meeting at a time before 11 am?

The Pope seems really nice. And even though you don’t have any classes until noon, you’re still going to mark on the When2Meet that you’re busy from 8-11 am.


5. Burn down an orphanage OR take on a new position in a club with a clearly-defined set of responsibilities?

Those orphans were miserable anyway.


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