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Harvard Outing Club Reports Successful Pride Month: Over 50 Students Outed

The Harvard Outing Club— famous for sponsoring student outings —has concluded its Pride Month Outing Spectacular, seeking to out students across the world in celebration of the LGBTQ+ community.

Club president, Richard Closet announced “We are so proud to out as many students as we can in honor of pride month. We have digitized our outing process, so we can connect with students across the globe through virtual outings! We can even involve students’ friends, families, neighbors, and church groups.”

In past years, summer break put a pause on student outings, but club leaders thought during these tumultuous times, students would benefit most from being outed.

“Although many students have left campus, we must ensure that the exciting opportunity to be outed follows them everywhere they go! We focus heavily on areas where being out isn’t always the norm, in hopes that we out all the students who wouldn’t be outed otherwise!”

This June tallied a record number of student outings thanks to the special programming created by club leadership: The “Outin’ over the Ozarks,” “Be Who You Are Colorado Cavalcade,” and “Surprise! Here’s Grandma! Hilton Head Island Excursion” outings were noted as the most successful.


In a partnership with Harvard administration, the Outing Club sponsored Claudine Gay’s annual family reunion excursion, inspiring the University President to comment “Thanks to this fine organization, we have outed all the Gays!”

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