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Not Clickbait! How the Feminist Movement Turned Me Gay

WASHINGTON, D.C.-  It happened to me, and it can happen to you. The feminist movement turned me gay.

I was just an innocent, unsuspecting, completely heterosexual girl, straight as an arrow (granted I was always bad at archery, so my arrows always flew a little bit off path. In an arc, kind of like a rainbow. This was at my all-girls summer camp, which I REALLY loved!). I did one extra credit project on the history of gender equality in the United States to impress my really pretty and awesome history teacher, and that’s how I was lured into the feminist movement! 

For my project, my teacher recommended I contact Lesbi-Equal, a youth-led feminist organization. The activists in Lesbi-Equal seemed very friendly, and I ultimately ended up joining the organization. We had sleepovers together to phonebank where we engaged in fun bonding activities like giving each other pixie cuts and watching “THE L WORD”. We had shared dreams - discussing our desires to attend historically women’s colleges and our very legitimate, very intense heterosexual crushes on men like Elton John and Kurt Hummel from Glee! 

It wasn’t until later that I learned Lesbi-Equal’s dark secret -  87% of the organization’s members identify as LGBTQIA+. I had been indoctrinated into the queer community! I started to notice small changes in my behaviors that I had picked up from my peers: after the first meeting, I couldn’t stop thinking about boobs, I began to listen to the Indigo Girls on Spotify, reduce my meat intake, and carry my keys on a carabiner! I was a goner. 

While I was robbed of my heterosexuality by the feminist movement, I did experience some positive transformations from my gender equality advocacy. I now feel empowered to do things like order for myself in a restaurant, leave voicemails, and tell the men in my political philosophy class that human trafficking, while good for the economy, is in fact a net negative for the world. 

Recognizing that my transformation into a feminist Lesbian happened rather quickly, I have tried to talk to anti-feminist activists, to re-centralize and de-radicalize myself. However, my opportunities for dialogue are limited because their husbands do not allow them to speak in public.

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