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Uh Oh! Taylor Swift Nervously Reads Lyrics on Google Doc Backstage

CHICAGO, IL – “Goddammit, why did I have to write so many words?”

During the intermission of her 174th show in her highly anticipated The Eras Tour, Taylor Swift scurries backstage to review the lyrics of her many songs.

Although the artist has reached much success and fame, a key attribute of Taylor Swift is her relatability. Taylor emphasizes “I’m just like everyone else. I’m not perfect. Sometimes I forget the words– Oh sorry, I have to take this,” said Taylor, as her phone rang, “Yeah, keep the private jet running please. And tell Oprah I’ll be there soon.”

This relatability was especially present when she scrolled on the fingerprint-coated trackpad of a 2009 silver Macbook Air. The illuminated Apple logo on the back of the laptop sat between a collection of stickers including: “Warning: writer at work” and “fueled by coffee & feminist rage,” as well as several scattered mustache stickers.

While scrolling through the 1,460 page document of her entire discography, Taylor’s frustration escalated.

“Why do I keep writing fucking novels for songs?! It’s all heartfelt and true, but these other artists get to just sing some all about that bass, 'bout that bass whatever. Can’t I get a damn break?!”

Swift is still facing criticism over a recent performance in which the star couldn’t recall the lyrics to some of her less-popular songs. An audience member from that infamous show recalled, “She grabbed a cardigan from the side of the stage and twirled to the instrumental for forty minutes. She is soooo mother.”

Swift’s trembling hand quickly shut her laptop, its fan whirring loudly above the audience’s chatter.

“Screw this, Chicago is gonna get what they’re gonna get.”

The concert continued thanks to Swift’s quick thinking and concluded with an emotional rendition of Row Row Row Your Boat (Taylor’s Version).

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