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5 Moves Guaranteed to Blow Her Mind that Are All CONSENT

A woman and a check mark that says yes
She's going to go totally CRAZY for this AFFIRMATIVE CONSENT!
Concerned about your BLAH, mediocre performance? Worried that YOUR woman is bored in bed? 
Give your woman the type of mind-blowing sex she craves. Here are five easy steps guaranteed to light her fire that are all CONSENT: 
1. Dirty Talk 
For men, sex is RAW and physical. But for women, it is mainly an EMOTIONAL and mental act. After kissing her, stimulate her mentally by saying dirty things like, “Is this okay?”, “Are you up for X?”, and the ultimate panty-dropper: “Is this fun for you?” Hopefully, you’ll get reciprocation with FREAKY comments like, “Can we try this?” 
Remember, silent sex is LAME sex! 
2. Show Her Who’s Boss
Here’s a secret. Women like to be DOMINATED. Take charge and show her who is BOSS by initiating healthy conversations about preferences that will help all parties maximize sexual pleasure! Growl commands like “Let me know what you like” and “What are you not into?” that are guaranteed to make her PURR! Remember, if you ask her, "Are you into this?" she has NO CHOICE but to respond "yes" or "no"!
(Or stay silent, which at that point you can effectively assume is a "no.")
3. Experiment
No one likes boring old VANILLA sex. Spice things up in the bedroom by switching up your routine (with moves you both CONSENT to!) or trying new mutually agreed upon safe words! You’ll have her screaming YES YES YES – and hopefully not PAPAYA PAPAYA PAPAYA – in no time!
P.S. A “yes” is not consent if someone feels coerced, or if it’s your safe word!
4. Play the Part
Bring her FANTASIES to life by trying some role play. Meet up at a hotel, then whisper all of the SEXY things you'll do to her when you get home, like RESPECT and CARE for her bodily autonomy. 
For great foreplay, try Consenting College Student-Consenting College Student; Affirmatively in Favor Adult-Affirmatively in Favor Adult; or Sexy Farm Hand-Milk Maid. If you’re feeling extra ADVENTUROUS, mix things up! Good Listener-Good Communicator is always conducive to role-swapping! 
5. After Sex
The night’s not over yet, lads! Keep her WANTING MORE by relaxing, hydrating, and debriefing the interaction so she feels COMFORTED and satisfied. You’ll BLOW HER MIND with this thoughtful check-in and aftercare! 
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