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7 Unique Casseroles You Can Hide in When Your Relatives Start Asking About Your Relationship Status

1. Come catch your breath in the safety of this baked meal, especially if you want to avoid your family friend who recently got hot!

2. Look at this tasty dish! seems like a covert place to hide from Aunt Mae when she mentions her single neighbor with the bowl-cut.

3. This hospitable casserole is the perfect place to shelter if your grandparents say they hope you find someone special so long as they aren't Guatemalan!
4. That tuna looks nice and comfortable, definitely a choice spot if your parents pull you aside to give you "the talk" again.
5. Wow, yum! This looks like an awesome place to dash when your "cool" uncle nudges you in the ribs when an attractive actress appears on TV. 

6. You can definitely find refuge in this delicious entree when your baby cousin asks why you aren't married yet.
7. My doesn't this casserole look good? it'll also feels good to conceal yourself in as you muster the courage to tell your family about your Guatemalan girlfriend Joyce. You can do this.
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