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ADDJ Ruins Party

Julia Smith's 17th birthday party was ruined last weekend due to her unfortunate taste in DJs.

"I was so excited," Smith sobbed, dabbing at tears. "I had thirty-seven confirmed guests on Facebook. Confirmed! Figure that and about half the maybes would have shown too, and this party could have been epic."

Before the party could really get started, Smith's DJ, MC Carwash, managed to drive away guests by constantly changing the music.

"I told him I wanted lots of Taylor Swift, but the second 'You Belong With Me' came on, he skipped to the next song. He let it play for around ten seconds before he switched that too," Smith recounted.

A ray of hope shown through for Smith when finally, about an hour into the party, Carwash let "Billie Jean" play for three full minutes before changing it. After a stern talking-to from Smith's father, Carwash left to take a pill and returned to play "I (Just) Died in Your Arms" on repeat for the remainder of the night.

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