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Czech Checks Chechen in Checkers

Child chewing cheap cheese cheers Chechen choke.

Charleston, S.C.: At Charleston Church, a Czech checked a cheeky Chechen in the Charleston Chapter Chess and Checker Championships.   As children cheered and chanted from their chairs, Charlie Chladek (the Czech) chatted cheerily with Chechnya’s Czeslaw Chernov and chewed Cheerios.   Suddenly, choosing a checker, Chladek charged like a chariot, chipping away at cherry-cheeked Czeslaw’s checkers—thus,  Czeslaw was chastened by the cheery chastisement by the Chief of Checkers.  The cherubic children chanted, and from chimney, chills chased down Czeslaw’s chest.  Finally, in the chiaroscuro of the chapel, he charged too, cheating and chafing his chin in the chaos, like a chauvinistic chimpanzee.  Finally, Charlie Chladek chalked up the championship.

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