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Dumb Joke by Hot Girl Gets Big Laughs Anyway

Sally Vernon, a busty Central High School junior, wowed members of the school's football team last week with a rather underwhelming joke. Continuing a nationwide trend in which the hilarity of a joke is directly related to the attractiveness of the teller, the simple pun generated echoing guffaws when told by Ms. Vernon. "The guys were hanging out by their lockers, and I decided to give the joke a try" says Vernon, 17. "I mean, I just got it off the back of one of those candy wrappers." The reaction definitely surprised her. "I never thought I was that funny, I guess. I also never knew that guys flex their muscles when the laugh. It must be some kind of reflex."

CHS senior Tommy Johnson was one of the players present. "She's just
so" funny," he said. "And cool. And awesome. I don't even know how to describe it, man."

Is there a secret to being humorous? Ms. Vernon cannot explain it. "I don't know what makes me so funny -- I mean, I always dress for success. Like this morning, I put on my pink, good luck tank top. I've worn it since I was really little, so it's kinda small."

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