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Four Dignity Tabs so They Won’t Know You’re Reading up on Ingrid Michaelson

I definitely do NOT adore Ingrid Michaelson

Nothing’s worse than being caught in the act when you’re trying to find out more about the life of noted singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson. Not to worry—when some guy walks behind you, just awkwardly fumble around as if you've never used a computer before and click on one of these babies. Here are four dignity tabs that will totally distract those prying eyes!

1. The Atlantic

No one would ever suspect that you just found out Ingrid Michaelson’s highest-charting song, “The Way I Am,” only peaked at No. 37 with this journalistic gem open in your browser! Combining the perfect mix of quality long-form journalism and ample screen coverage, everyone else in the coffee shop will think you totally read books!

2. The New Yorker

Another stalwart of the American magazine industry—and isn’t it kind of weird that they’ve never written anything about Ingrid Michaelson? Pretty strange considering she had a good run in the mid-2000s with the one-two punch of “Girls Chase Boys” and “Be Ok”! Either way, passerby will admire your taste since this magazine has published so many greats of American fiction, poetry, and criticism.

3. Canvas

You came to this coffee shop to work, not to delve deeper into Ingrid Michaelson’s Swedish heritage! At least, as far as everyone else knows ;) With Canvas open, you can simultaneously maintain your public-facing persona and figure out when that response paper is due! Just make sure you do that pesky two-step verification!

4. Wikipedia article on Sara Bareilles

Whoa! Way to hit ‘em with another seminal songstress. Would a girl who’s reading up on Sara Bareilles ever feasibly also read up on Ingrid Michaelson? I think not. They’ll never guess when you pull this clever switcheroo.

BONUS: Google search of "why ingrid michaelson sucks"

You're probably the first person to google this since no one could ever dislike angel-on-earth Ingrid Michaelson. Nevertheless, this tab will most certainly distract other people from your afternoon digging into Ingrid's every move.

There you have it! Four foolproof ways to hide your deep passion for Ingrid Michaelson from the people around you. Check out her new EP, It Doesn’t Have to Make Sense—it’s super good and actually has some really insightful lyrics!
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