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God Announces Next Season of Humanity To Be Put On Hiatus

"Yikes, I really wrote myself into a corner on this one," said God.
HEAVEN -- In response to months of declining viewership, creative differences, and the general shitshow of human awfulness that has been 2016, Our Heavenly Father announced earlier this morning that the next season of Humanity would be put on hiatus.
"I just don't like where this is going right now," God confirmed in an e-mailed statement. "Zika virus? The Syrian refugee crisis? ISIS? I think the seraphs and I just need to regroup and go back to the drawing board. We'll see where we proceed from there."
God's decision not to renew Humanity for it's 200,001st season has reportedly plunged the writer's room into chaos. "I had this whole sketch planned out - an end to the Colombian Civil War," said the Archangel Raphael glumly. "Not sure what I'll do now that that's been scrapped. I guess I've always wanted to try my hand at playwriting."
Humanity, a spin-off of the classic show Dinosaurs, has had one of its lowest-rated seasons since the widely panned 500-season Europe story arc. Reports from inside the production alleged that God had grown increasingly distant, erratic, and frustrated as the season progressed. 
No word yet if God plans on continuing the classic sitcom Plants.
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