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Horse Parliament Deadlock Continues

"Whoever hath charge of a horse's foot has the care of his whole body." - Boxer, on the deadlock in the Horse Parliament

Monday evening for the 3,491st week in a row the Horse Parliament failed to pass any legislation. After days of frantic negotiation in preparation for Monday’s vote, many had high hopes but at the end of the day, every piece of legislation proposed was voted down by a margin of 100 “Nays.” For whatever reason, the horse MPs were unanimous in their disapproval.  The news is sure to stirrup emotions, especially among those chomping at the bit to overturn the ruling party.

On Monday, the legislation debated included Salt-lick appropriations and a bale-out of the barley industry both contentious in the horse community. Several critics suggested that the parliament simply pony up the money to pass the measures, while others demanded that both measures be put out to pasture for good. In addition, several MP’s bucked tradition by crossing party lines in an attempt to reach a stable resolution.

As the horse parliament remains deadlocked, many constituents question whether their government can really take on the mane issues. “We can’t just put on blinders to the serious doubts this raises about our leadership,” said local celebrity Black Beauty as he tossed his forelock. “We need to find a way to harness all of the creative energy out there and put it to use!”

 When polled by Gallop, 99% of horses said it would behoove the MPs to reach some sort of agreement soon. Interestingly, the same poll revealed that 99% of horses would also have voted Nay. Still, Boxer, the Horse Prime Minister, remained optimistic and when asked for comment said only “I will work harder.”

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