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Inspirational! This Thin, Tall, Gorgeous White Woman Is Sharing How She Found Body Confidence

A blond white woman on a magazine cover.
Amanda shows off what a confidence boost being thin, tall, gorgeous, and white is.

What an inspiration! Amanda Janson—a thin, tall, gorgeous white woman—graced the cover of Self magazine this month to share all her foolproof tips for finding body confidence. Spoiler alert: you might want to consider being born with attributes that society deems attractive!

Amanda's first helpful trick is to be thin. "I advise any woman who is struggling with self-doubt to try being thin," Amanda spilled to the magazine. "You'd be shocked just how much naturally reflecting beauty norms helps your state of mind!" Nobody ever thought of that one—thanks, girl!
Amanda also revealed that being tall could do wonders for your body confidence. "Did you know that tall people are statistically more likely to be CEOs?" Amanda asked. Nope! Nobody knew that, Amanda! You must be the goddess of all statistics!
And it could never hurt to be gorgeous! "I'll let you in on a little secret. One way I found body confidence is by having features that my culture happens to consider beautiful," said Amanda, who has large eyes, a slim nose, a sharp jawline, and high cheekbones without any plastic surgery. Woah—that's downright brilliant!
Amanda also said that being white could help. "Privilege is such a quick and easy way to feel super good about the way you look," she said. Awesome, Amanda—we'll get right on it!
All hail Amanda, the Socrates of our time! Pick up next month's edition of Self magazine to learn how Blake Lively rid her life of stress by being Blake Lively.
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