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MADLIB: So Sorry I Can’t Come to Your Event

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I'm so disappointed I'll miss your ADJECTIVE NOUN!

Oh my gosh, I’m so sorry I can’t make it to your NOUN. I really want to come—I loooove NOUN—but I will be GERUND this weekend.

I really wanted to come—I swear I had it VERB in my Google calendar and everything! I was talking to PROPER NOUN about it just yesterday, PRONOUN can tell you. Isn’t PROPER NOUN coming? I love PRONOUN!

I know you came to my NOUN, and I know it was AMOUNT OF TIME long, so I really appreciated it. I hope my not making it to your NOUN doesn’t make you think that I VERB our friendship or that I VERB the AMOUNT OF TIME you spent at my NOUN! I think of you like a NOUN. I really do!

Ugh, I’m just so swamped with GERUND this weekend. PROPER NOUN has really been piling on the NOUN. The end of this semester has been super ADJECTIVE for you too, right? I mean, I haven’t seen you in AMOUNT OF TIME.

You’ve been planning this for, like, AMOUNT OF TIME, right? Ugh, it’s going to go ADVERB, I’m sure. You’re so ADJECTIVE! I’m so ADJECTIVE for you!

I totally can’t believe I forgot about your NOUN—I was so ADJECTIVE to see you and PROPER NOUN. Let’s all grab a meal sometime in NAME OF DINING HALL. Just not during TIME NOUN, TIME NOUN, TIME NOUN, TIME NOUN, or TIME NOUN. Reading period is just so crazy, you know?

I’ll definitely VERB the photos. Again, so sorry I can’t make it to NOUN. I swear NAME OF RELATIVE always picks the worst times. Oh, not to mention the NOUN I signed up for—I’m such a NOUN!

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