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Monsanto Surprises Market with Soft-Pore Corn

The new corn breed features a distinctive slit in the leaves, allowing the soft kernels to peek out.

CREVE-COUER, MO – Corn-lovers of America, get ready: Monsanto’s latest hybrid seed development will have you salivating.

The biotechnology company, which is responsible for 4,000 distinct seed varieties, last Tuesday unveiled its latest, a “soft-pore corn” which is expected to be available to farmers by the 2013 growing season. “We hope that diners will enjoy the cob’s delicate kernels, which burst easily to release sweet juices into the mouth,” said the company in an official statement.

 “We know that people are more leery of the hard stuff,” added Janet M. Holloway, head of community relations for the company. “As a sometimes vilified industry, we wanted to provide something that all Americans could chew on.”

 Consumers have responded with mixed sentiments. “I’m not sure I want my children to try this soft-pore corn,” said Lakshmi P. Reddy, mother of three. “I mean, is it safe? Are these new products really something I want my children exposed to?”

 Hank Johnson, 23, however, said he was looking forward to this new corn option. “As a single guy living alone, I consume a lot of corn,” said Johnson. “I know that might not be healthy, but what can I say? Gotta get my daily vegetables somehow. I’m hoping this soft-pore corn will make my diet a little more interesting.”