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Satire V Style: Fascism All the Rage

I, Jurgen von Fleef, am the world's foremost expert on strange analogies about right-wing authoritarianism.
NEW YORK, NY -- From Paris to London to New York, fascism has taken the world by storm once more.
It's a surprise comeback for the form of right-wing authoritarianism. Many naysayers claimed fascism was gone forever. But I'm here to say that, despite huge unpopularity after World War Two, fascism is back, baby.
Just look at how fascism is being worn these days. The days of military uniforms, armbands, and aggressive black boots are gone. Instead, these new fascists have boldly chosen to wear ill-fitting suits, power ties, and terribly disguised wigs!
No one knows how long fascism will be back en vogue, or why it's back at all. But one thing is for sure: it's everywhere. You walk down the street, and people are wearing chic new fascist hats. You walk up the same street, and you see more people wearing those hats. In fact, those hats are everywhere. What is the deal with these hats? Are hats back in style, too? I, Jurgen von Fleef, will have to investigate.
Anyway, rumor has it that liberal democracy- once thought to be the style du jour- is going out of fashion. According to many insiders in the fashion scene, people are just generally bummed about it, and it turns out that's sufficient. Not so fast, though! Some bold style innovators are trying to keep liberal democracy à la mode...I think I'm using that phrase right.
Well anyway that's it for me, fashion critic Jurgen von Fleef. But things are changing pretty quickly here in the world of haute couture. I'm even starting to hear rumors that mercantilism is making a comeback as well!

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