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Smartphone Users Reporting Snapchat Messages from Bigfoot

Many believe the snapchats came from the real Bigfoot, not just an Italian.

“At first, I started getting a lot of pictures and videos of trees from someone I didn’t know.  But then one day, I saw a picture of a big hairy face” said Veronica Slain of Boulder, CO.  She is one of several people who claim to be receiving messages from “Bigfoot” on the popular smartphone app, Snapchat.  Snapchat is an app that allows users to send pictures or short videos that disappear forever after being viewed by other users.

 In the beginning, Slain said she thought one of her friends was playing a prank, “But this went on for weeks.  Just trees and hairy, ape-like arms and legs.  I knew something was up.”

Adam Beech of San Diego, CA also reported receiving messages from the same user, user asdjk3f83f78.

“I got a good look at his face and it looks like he’s in a forest somewhere,” said Beech.

Self-proclaimed Bigfoot expert Gerald Whitley is on the case.  He has been researching smartphone purchases at the beginning of last month in the state of Oregon, when the messages first began and where he believes Bigfoot resides.  He already has one interesting find.

“My research has led me to find that on December 3rd, 2012, an 8-foot tall man entered a Portland electronics shop and purchased a smartphone,” Whitley explained.  “The man shed hair all over the shop, but the shopkeeper didn’t think anything of it because, hey, it’s Portland.  But I say this was no coincidence.  This was Bigfoot.”

 Why is Bigfoot harassing Snapchat users?  Whitley believes that Bigfoot has found a 21st century way to tease and elude us.

“Snapchat is the future of Bigfoot,” he says.  “People seem to have lost interest in recent years, but he’s figured out a way to increase his popularity and continue this age-old game of hide and seek.”

In recent weeks, however, it appears the messages are getting out of hand.

”This last week, he’s sent me gang signs,” reported Beech, “Bigfoot’s a crip.  He’s a crip.”

Bigfoot enthusiasts have begun sending messages to user asdjk3f83f78 in hopes they will get a response with clues for tracking the creature down, but because there is no way to prove that these Snapchat messages were actually received, no formal investigation is under way.

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