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Teacher Attacks Student’s Cargo Pants

While functional, cargo pants are a major source of shame for students.

PHILADELPHIA, PA - Charles Carroll High School teacher Lynette Gaymon is in trouble again this week after aggressively criticizing 6th grader Shaun Welch for wearing a pair of cargo pants to class. 

Gaymon allegedly told the 11-year-old Welch that he “looked like he got dressed inside a darkened Old Navy” and that she “wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry” when the boy defended himself by referring to the pants as “comfy.”

Gaymon made headlines last week for ridiculing another student for wearing a T-shirt support presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Gaymon, who was initially believed to be making a political statement against the Republican candidate, maintains that she was only objecting to the shirt’s garish pink and red color scheme when she demanded that the student leave her classroom.

In a letter of apology released to the public, Gaymon wrote that she “only meant to encourage Shaun to address his total lack of fashion sense” and that she “did not mean to offend Shaun or his tacky, tacky family.”

School principal Richard Muckey says this is not the first time Gaymon’s keen eye for fashion has gotten her into trouble. Last year Gaymon was involved in a dispute with another teacher over the appropriateness of her festive red and green Christmas sweater vest-turtleneck combo.

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