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The Top 10 Cloth Puppets That Are Raging Homosexuals

A tender, loving relationship we can only aspire to.

The sexualities of the beloved, definitely gay Sesame Street characters Bert and Ernie have been at the center of debate practically since their debut on the children’s TV show in 1969. However, as the world continues to debate TV’s gayest puppet couple, it has failed to speculate on the sexualities of all of the other members of the Muppet universe. All of the muppets (except Beaker, the token straight) are gay, but some are more homosexual than the rest. Below are the top 10 gayest muppets:

10. Kermit The Frog – Owns and operates Sesame Street’s hottest gay club, “The Rainbow Connection.”

9. Animal - Once passed out three times at an Ariana Grande concert because he kept screaming “GOD IS WOMAN!!!!” repeatedly without breathing in between.

8. Walter - Hooked up with his human version, Jim Parsons, on the set of “The Muppet Movie.”

7. Statler & Waldorf - They’ve been on the scene the longest, which is why they’re so jaded. They were also at the Ariana Grande concert though.

6. Gonzo - Agreed to star in “Muppets in Space” because it was an allegory for finding the gay community (not to mention the fact that his nose is definitely a penis).

5. Oscar the Grouch - A true “disaster gay.”

4. Bunsen Honeydew - Has been hopelessly in love with Beaker since 1986.

3. Sam Eagle - Overcompensates by talking a lot about his “American Values” and “hot female lady babes.” Is a staple at Rainbow Connection, but wears a fake mustache as a disguise. It’s not fooling anyone.

2. Big Bird -The “design gay” of Sesame Street, Big Bird and his boyfriend Snuffleupagus decorate their nest with neon signs and quirky throw pillows with sayings like “yaaaassss” and “I’m too gay for this!”

1. The Swedish Chef - It’s a well-kept secret that Antoni from Queer Eye learned everything he knows from this rægîng hømösêxüæl!!

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