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17 Things to Bring to Study in Smith

Smith Campus Center 10th Floor
These Students Probably Won't Make It! (photo: Rose Lincoln/Harvard Staff Photographer)

Are you about to pack for your day-long trip to Smith during the reading period grind? Have you been unable to fully focus regardless of floor level? If so, here is a list of tried and true crowdsourced items from FlyBy members to keep your body healthy and mind sharp at Smith!

1. Space heater

2. S'mores fixins

3. Tent

4. Backpack, computer, etc. 

5. The warm spot next to Canaday 

6. The warmth of a good friendship

7. Those ugly leggings from Uniqlo that my mom sends me every winter

8. Bikini in case things take a crazy turn

9. Uggs (they're having a comeback maybe?)

10. The fossil fuels Harvard divested from

11. Striped leg warmers from the 80’s

12. Socially unaware person sitting next to you loudly FaceTiming their friend from high school

13. Noise Cancelling Headphones

14. A DSLR (if you’re there around sunset)

15. Your family friend who’s visiting

16. Adderall

17. Cocaine

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