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8 Photos Of David Malan Ranked Based On How Close He Is To Ripping A Phone Book In Half

Let 'er rip, David!
8. A Suit And A Button Down... Nice Try Mr. Malan, But We Know You Aren't Planning On Ripping Any Phonebooks With That Formal Outfit On.
7. Slightly More Casual, But That Doesn't Look Like Sanders Theater. Silly Professor, The Only Place You're Halving The Yellow Pages Is In The Landmark Harvard Venue Known For Housing Musicians, Performances, And Conferences.
6. Yeah Baby, Full On Casual! There Could Be A Phone Book Lying In Wait Just Beyond The Frame! The Tension Is Half The Fun!
5. You See If This Was Called Photos Of David Malan Ranked Based On How Close He Is To Making A Sandwich, This Would Definitely Be Number One! We Can Only Hope That He's Just Gathering Strength Before He Stars Ripping One Of Them Bad Boys In Half!
4. WOWZA, We're Just Jumping Right In! This Gem Is A Bit Blurry, But Defined In All The Right Places. DJM, It's Your Time To Shine!
3. No Idea Why This One Has Binary Search Labeled On It, But I Also Have No Idea Why I Get So Much Pleasure From Seeing The World Renowned Pedagogical Savant Known As David Malan Rip Phone Books In Half For An Introductory Computer Science Course. So Let's Ignore It All And Get Ready For Him To Let Her Rip!
2. AN ICON, A MASTERMIND, A TIMELESS INNOVATOR! Screw Everything I Said About Fancy Outfits, David J. Malan Has No Limits! Just When You Think You Got Him Pegged He Flips The Script On Ya! Just A Little More Tear And Dr. Malan Will Have Completely Bisected His Patient
1. IT IS DONE. The Mad Philosopher, The Benevolent Dictator, The Herald Of Scratch! Another Phone Book Falls Victim To His Wrath And From Its Demise, He Grows Stronger! He's Already Had A Taste For Blood. Let No Man Put Back Together What David Malan Has Torn Asunder!
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