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Add-Drop Deadline Approaches For Friends Made During Orientation

Cross registration with MIT friends is still open, if anyone was ever interested in that.

Several weeks after latching on to FOP tripmates, strangers from Annenberg, and even Facebook Celebrities to satisfy friendship requirements, many freshmen reassess their social circles as this semester’s Friend Add-drop deadline approaches.

 “We just thought it was the right thing to do,” commented Thomas Dingman, “I mean, who wants to end up friends with the random smelly guy who they talked to at convocation?”

Added Dingman: "Not me.  I want to be friends with Jeff.  Jeff's got a car on campus."

 The policy will allow each student to add and drop to a total of four friends total for the semester. Last year, sixty-five percent of the class utilized the add-drop, shifting an average of 2.3 friends per student. One record student was added, and finally dropped sixteen times.

 Of course, appeasing the entire class with perfect matches is unfortunately impossible.

 “In the end, this system isn’t perfect, but it’s the best out there. At some public universities, if you make a friend early, you’re stuck for good,” whispered a relieved freshman as his roommate and former friend stood awkwardly looking for a seat at Annenberg. 

After the deadline, students who want better friends will need to contact their resident dean. 
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