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Beautiful People Come Out of Hiding for Eleganza

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Eleganza's models eagerly await their one moment in the limelight.

Harvard’s annual fashion show Eleganza hits the runway this weekend and looks to be a great opportunity for all beautiful people to finally come out of hiding.

“It’s absolutely crucial that we take a moment to celebrate beauty,” said Lisa Strauss, a model with an unparalleled thigh gap. “There are so many organizations on campus, but for some reason there aren’t any meant for physically attractive people.”

Eleganza is working to help not only this oppressed minority group, but also those in need.

“We’re donating all our proceeds to an organization that helps empower teens,” said Strauss. “The really hot, good-looking teens. The ones who are always left out.”

Many of the models complained about having to hide from the general public for most of the year, and praised Eleganza for the being the one time they could truly expose themselves.

“Eleganza is like family to me. A family with perfectly symmetrical faces,” said model Elena Fawn, as she wiped a glistening tear off of her smooth, flawless skin. “Growing up was really difficult. I always felt left out because I never saw anyone on television who was as pretty as me.”

Fellow model Alison Hill agreed and commented on their shared adversity.

“Martin Luther King thought he had it hard? Let’s put it this way: Our civil rights movement hasn’t even happened yet,” said Hill, as she tossed her shimmering golden hair in the sunlight.

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