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The Best Part of My Day Is Walking Past That One Warm Spot Next to Canaday

The happiest spot on campus.

By a freshman

This morning, on my walk from the Science Center to Sever, I walked past that warm spot next to Canaday. It was the purest moment of bliss I've experienced since I arrived at this freezing wasteland.

To be honest, things haven’t been going that well lately. I have papers and finals piling up, my unrequited crush is getting a bit creepy, I think I have a roach problem, and—if you haven't noticed—it’s fucking cold outside.

But for 1.5 seconds on my walk, as the warm air punctuated the miserable cold, all that didn’t matter anymore. It took me back to childhood, to the warm embrace of my loved ones, to my better self. I remembered my capacity for compassion, for love! And I remembered what it's like to have feeling in my fingers. That was nice.

When I walked past that heater, all the stress, the psets, the GroupMe texts yet to be read, the email lists, the Facebook invites, the missed calls from my Mom—they didn’t seem so consequential anymore.

Is it probably spewing toxic fumes from the T? Yes. Did it warm my poor shivering heart anyway? Also yes.

Sometimes, I think about standing in that spot all day, just basking in it. I could set up a tent, get friends to bring over meals from Annenberg, and Skype in to my classes. After graduation, I could get a remote job tutoring and start a family there! It’d be easy.

Walking through that balmy pocket of air this morning, I even found the emotional space to forgive all the people who were bitches to me in elementary school—we were all going through a hard time.

Then, one moment later, the feeling was gone, never to return, and I was so damn cold.

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