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In Bid for Relevance, HUDS Introduces Millennial Pink Spice Chicken

The new Millennial Pink Spice Chicken is here.
THE DINING HALLS — In a clear bid for relevance, Harvard University Dining Services announced on Friday the addition of a new entree item, Millennial Pink Spice Chicken. Building on the popularity of Red Spice Chicken, HUDS will roll out the dish for lunches next semester.
"The internet told us that millennial pink is what the kids are into these days," said one HUDS chef. "When we find something that students seem to like, we take it and run as far as we can with it. That's why we started community night when that NBC show hit it big."
Red Spice refers to the hot sauce used to coat the chicken, not the name of the seasoning used. "Yeah, no, we have no clue why we call it that," said another HUDS employee. "So we're just going to dump a shit ton of pink lemonade syrup on the new chicken and call it a day."
Mather resident Ellie C. Hopkins '19 enthused, "Oh my god, this chicken will match my Insta aesthetic perfectly."
At press time, HUDS was working on plans to introduce Gen-Z Yellow Spice Chicken next year.
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