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BREAKING: Student Stops, Says Hello to Acquaintance

Two people who only kind of know one another acknowledge each other's presence.

CAMBRIDGE, MASS. — Andrew R. Gray '20, walking down Plympton St. after his 10 a.m. lecture in Sever Hall, reportedly stopped and said hello to Samantha P. Gardner '20, an okay friend of one of his blockmates, as she passed by in the other direction.  

Onlookers’ responses to the quick exchange varied, from shock and confusion to wonder and delight. “Huh, I typically just contort my mouth in a bizarre, only partially expressive way when I pass someone I know but don’t really know on the street,” said Sarah E. Johnson '18.

Ben W. Stanton '20 was running late to his class in Northwest Labs when the exchange took place. “We all know those annoying telephone polls on Plympton make the already narrow street even more crowded and difficult to navigate," he said. "Couldn’t Andrew have, like, waved at her while walking past instead?”

Gray’s exchange with Gardner prompted some to re-evaluate their approach to awkward non-encounters with FBNRF (friends-but-not-really-friends) around the Square. Jane H. Carter '18, who observed Gray and Gardner from her room in Randolph, recalled thinking, “Wow, I should actually say hi the next the next time I see Sally, instead of pretending to read texts or spontaneously turning my head the other way.”

A junior, who preferred to remain anonymous, chimed in, “I once saw my freshman year entrywaymate from afar and took the long way around Bow Street to avoid having to vaguely acknowledge his presence in some perfectly nonchalant way. Definitely won’t do that again!”

At press time, Gray was seen Facebook-messaging Gardner that they should “really grab a meal some time!” before lying down for a 30-minute nap between classes.

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