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College Introduces Pre-Pre-Term Planning

"I have a cunning Pre-Term plan."

Following the recent Pre-Term Planning debacle, in which ninety-seven percent of undergraduates forgot to submit their projected class schedule for the spring semester, Harvard College administrators have decided to implement a new, Pre-Pre-Term Planning tool for student use. The proposed web application, which will ask students to plan out four months in advance how they will later fill out their regular Pre-Term Planning schedules, will go live at 9:30 am on Christmas morning and close at 12:01 am New Year’s Day.

            “All you have to do,” explained Nancy Friedman, FAS spokesperson, “Is give us your best guess as to where you will be the day Pre-Term Planning goes online, along with what computer you will be using, what time you plan to get up, and what you think you’ll be having for lunch.”

            Student reaction to the proposal has been mixed.

            “It’s an important step,” said Gary Sommers, a supporter, “Every year, you hear about those kids who wanted to fill out their Pre-Term Planning forms on the toilet, but got waitlisted because the College didn’t hire enough Teaching Fellows. This will help to put resources where they are needed.”

            “Of course I know exactly what I’ll be doing the day Pre-Term Planning comes out,” said Michael Spivens, “But the tool doesn’t account for section times. And don’t even get me started on extracurriculars.”

            At press time, an attempt by FAS administrators to add an animated .gif image to the Pre-Term Planning portal has caused a University-wide blackout.

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