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CS Concentrator Rethinking Career Path After Enrolling in TDM Course

Yes it is.

CAMBRIDGE, MA -– Harvard junior Chris Franklin is considering dropping his CS major, which he is four credits away from completing, in order to pursue acting after being accepted into TDM 110: Beginning Acting.

“When I showed up to the audition, I was sure I would get rejected. Everyone there was a theater major, or at least had a ton of experience, said Frankin. "I think I even saw a Hasty Pudding kid in line.”

The course drew more than 150 students to its auditions due to a Q-Score of 5.0 and an average workload of a record-low 0.43 hours per week. Franklin, along with nine other lucky students, was accepted into the course, and will now have the opportunity to study such performance techniques as “improv,” “facial expressions,” and “remedial memorization” this semester.

“My acceptance certainly is a game-changer. I beat out the girl who was Juliet in Romeo and Juliet on the Mainstage last semester! She’s an actual HRDC actress!” Franklin says he has quit all other extracurricular activities, including the Biotechnical Institution and the Harvard Computer Society, and plans to devote all of his time this semester to Common Casting shows.

“I feel like I’ll definitely get the lead in at least two to three shows, especially now that my TDM class has taught me how to successfully calm audition nerves through breathing exercises," said Franklin. "Ultimately, in the theater industry talent beats hard work even when hard work works hard. That's what they said at the first lecture!”

At press time, Franklin confirmed that he had declined an internship at Facebook this summer in order to move to Los Angeles in pursuit of his budding acting career. He plans to be cast in a blockbuster alongside Leonardo DiCaprio by “mid-August at the very latest.”

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