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EdX to Feature Virtual Annenberg

Inaccessible virtual Final Clubs remain in development.

HarvardX, Harvard’s division of the edX massive online open course platform, was proud to announce the addition of new virtual capabilities to the service, including the addition of a virtual Annenberg dining hall. Students will be able to virtually fill their plates with warm prepared entrees, fresh greens from the salad bar, and orders straight from the grill. Johannes Heinlein, former Provost of Harvard University and current Senior Director of Strategic Partnerships at edX, said “We here at edX feel a strong desire to give all students, whether on-campus or off-campus, the true Harvard experience. That means they should have the ability to eat in our fine dining halls and live in our dorms.”

However, the virtual Annenberg facility has not been universally well received by edX students. User UrMomGoes2College7 noted “how the fuck do they serve squash every meal…where’s the diversity?” An equally outraged n00bt00bblackops said “do they no [sic] their [sic] r [sic] other meets [sic] then [sic] chikin [sic]?” 

First year EdX students will be assigned to a virtual freshman dorm, while those who take classes over the course of multiple years will also be assigned to one of Harvard’s famous houses. A remote controlled camera has been placed in every suite and freshman dorm in the 24 dorms and houses around campus that off-campus edX students are able to control. Some users have complained that they are unable to return their cameras to their docking stations due to virtual sexile. Despite the numerous benefits of virtual house life, users have reported some drawbacks.

 Romosexual9 noted: “Ever since I’ve been put in Cabot, my links load 15 minutes after I click on them.”

When contacted about the glitch, Heinlein said, “That is just part of living in the Quad."

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