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Excellence in Diversity: Six All-Male Final Clubs Represented in Sophomore Blocking Group

Although they may prefer different IPAs, they all love red Solo cups.

DUNSTER HOUSE — This fall’s punch presents the Harvard community with an unmatched opportunity for an enriched education: against all odds and sanctions, a new sophomore blocking group has reported featuring at least one member from all six all-male final clubs. 

In the wake of their nascence, this group has already stunned multiple members of the Harvard community, such as this year’s HCCG Comp Director, Walter Pinkerson ’19.  "Their accomplishments reach way beyond this fall’s punch,” Pinkerson shared. “They already solved all of racism during Harvard’s Day of Service. We honestly could not be happier to let their drive for social impact live on together in one room.” 

Their multiple contributions to campus life, however, are not just limited to their final club affiliation. They not only feature third, fourth, and fifth generation students, but also represent the likes of six different private schools and vacation spots across the US, including the Hamptons and Beverly Hills. Chad Peters ‘21 expressed his astonishment: “Coming from a small prep school on the East Coast, I never thought I could be friends with someone from another prep school on the East Coast.”

The diversity of experiences of this group has helped them take on the biggest challenges in and out of the classroom, such as sharing information on which professors are most open to extra credit bribes, and sharing their families' personal legal expertise when HSA loses their laundry and they need to file a lawsuit.  Of course, some may still ask themselves how this blocking group can function. Is it possible for a Porcellian gentleman to peacefully mingle with a Phoenix S.K. cretin? These eight men continue to say yes. 

The punch process did prove difficult for these gentlemen, bringing out a lot of differences they had all previously considered non-negotiable. Tensions were highest following the Harvard-Brown football game. “When I found out Chad preferred Natty Light over PBR, I nearly lost it. Did I know my brothers as well as I thought I did? ” Chad Ericson ’21 emotionally discloses. Nevertheless, all members reminded each other that to get through this difficult time, they needed to embrace the values of diversity and inclusion that brought them together in the first place. The Excellent Eight is happy to report they are now tighter knit than ever: a mere day after their skirmish, they all bonded over their differing preferences to date women from distinct minority groups.

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