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"Facebook Famous" Freshman Eats Dinner Alone in Annenberg

Harper, pictured above, considers which cultural event to promote over twenty campus email lists.

Jerry Harper, a freshman who has befriended over 65% of the class of 2017 on Facebook, has eaten dinner alone in Annenberg for the 30th time this semester. Despite forming friendships with 1117 members of his class through the “Class of 2017” page on Facebook, Harper reportedly sat alone at dinner today, munching on a hot Chickwhich, and just trying to get out of there as soon as possible.

Though the youthful first-years passing by knew Harper's name, face, and a host of other personal details about him as a result of the 5-7 posts he makes a day on the official Facebook page for the freshman class, none of them stopped by the secluded table at which Harper sat doing his best to look his busiest while aimlessly scrolling through old text messages.

After a pitiful 25 minutes, Jerry Harper bussed his tray and went off to his Canaday single to post once again about how lucky he feels to be a part of the class of 2017.

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