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Freshman Excited They Survived Harsh New England Winter

Harvard Yard plunged in the depths of the 2015-2016 winter.

CAMBRIDGE, MA-- Nick P. Ryan ‘19 is super excited that he has survived his first harsh New England winter. This winter has been especially memorable, marked by some overcast days and 40-degree weather. There have even been two full inches of snow.

Many students, especially those from more habitable climates, struggle with the cold and snow for the first time during their freshman year in college. For many, the lack of sun, biting wind, and, again, snow are major struggles. Ryan, originally from southern California, remarked that he never imagined how bad New England winters could be.

“Like, I heard winter was bad, but I never realized how hella cold it got up here,” Ryan said in an interview. “I didn’t know the temperature could be that cold. Somedays it was even as bad as forty degrees. Forty? Can you believe that? Water almost freezes at forty!”

Many news outlets expect this March to be just as brutal, with beach-friendly consistent 80 to 90 degree weather.

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