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Freshman Promises Roommate He Hasn't Thought About Blocking Yet

Stoughton resident Cal McKay '15 told his roommate Andy Martin '15 that, as of tonight, he "still hasn't really thought about blocking."

Though his internet browser has been left open each of the past three nights to web pages entitled "How to get into Eliot," "Instructions for the Freshman Lottery," and a Facebook thread entitled "blocking plans yo," McKay assured his roommate that the entire blocking process has yet to even cross his mind.

"Yeah, haven't really thought about it at all," McKay reiterated to Martin, while he composed a group text message outlining his plans for River Run.

Martin would later return to his dorm room to find McKay standing in front of a half-erased whiteboard that displayed one side of a bracket under the title "Battle for the Eighth Spot."

"Nope, but we should talk about it in a few days," McKay told Martin when asked if he had begun talks about forming a blocking group. "Right, Cynthia?" McKay whispered into his computer microphone to his Peer Advising Fellow, with whom he had been iChatting about the very subject for the past two hours.

Upon receiving an email from Dean of Freshmen Thomas Dingman exhorting freshmen to practice "courage, candor, and kindness" in making blocking plans, McKay posted a note on his bulletin board to himself that read, "Get on that."

"Get on what?" asked Martin. McKay replied, "Oh -- yeah, blocking. Still haven't really even been thinking about it."

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