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Freshman Takes 9 Midterms In One Day

Who was the Iron Chancellor again? This is the weirdest Ec 10 midterm.

Freshman Sarah Schultz, ’17, was surprised to find she took nine midterms last Friday, the majority of which were for classes in which she was not even enrolled. Miss Schultz had her Ec 10 and LS1A midterms on the same day but ended up taking an extra seven midterms without even realizing it.

“It was weird,” said Schultz. “I didn’t even realize what was happening. I went in to my LS1A midterm at 12 and thirty minutes later I started to panic; the next thing I knew, it was nine hours later and I was walking out of the Philosophy of New Guinean Tribal Dances midterm.”

 During the subsequent days, Schultz received phone calls from the heads of the Philosophy, History, Applied Mathematics, and Slavic Languages department commending her on her excellent performance in their respective midterms and inquiring whether she was considering a change in concentration.

“It was amazing, I’ve literally never seen anyone grasp differential equations and computational geometry so effortlessly and naturally,” said Area Dean for Applied Mathematics Michael Brenner. “It’s a pity she’s a premed concentrator and has no interest in ever actually taking an applied math course.”

Schultz failed both her Ec 10 and LS1A midterm.

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