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Harvard Apologizes After "Advising Fortnight" Renamed "Concentration Camp"

A student listens intently at Concentration Camp

A spokesperson for Harvard University offered an official apology in light of the media fallout following the College's decision to change the name of "Advising Fortnight" to "Concentration Camp."

The apology noted that the change was in "poor taste," as were the t-shirts distributed to approximately 1600 freshman that read "I Survived the Concentration Camp."

Dean Evelynn Hammonds said that the name change was made to rebrand the two-week advising event. "Advising Fortnight had gotten stale," Hammonds said. "Freshmen saw it as just another form to fill out, and we wanted to turn it into something fun and exciting -- like a camp."

Hammonds added that she first suspected the name might be problematic when she wrote in an email to freshmen proctors, "Really make sure that students attend mandatory Concentration Camp events -- be Concentration Camp Nazis."

was like the 'Oh shit!' moment," Hammonds said, "when I realized what we had done."

Harvard says it will change the name of the event.

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