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Harvard Appoints New Dean of Deans to Clarify Role of Deans on Campus

The new Deans have occupied every office in University Hall, and have begun to overflow into the basement of Thayer.

CAMBRIDGE, MA -- Harvard has announced sweeping changes to the structure of the dean system, including the creation of a new position, “Dean of Deans,” whose job is to provide better oversight and clarity about the role of deans. The responsibility of the new Dean of Deans will entail overseeing the deaning process, managing fundraising, and unilaterally appointing new deans weekly to the Board of Deans.

Ending months of speculation, University President Drew G. Faust made the announcement via an email to undergraduates Monday morning. President of the Undergraduate Council Dean B. Collins ’17 said the change was “a major win for the studeant body. See what I did there?"

Faust framed the new policies as a matter of necessity. “With so many deans I honestly can’t tell who the fuck is who anymore. I’ve met upwards of thirty so-called ‘deans’ already this year and I can say positively that I couldn’t recall the names of even three of them.”

Instead, under the new policy, all faculty members above the age of 27 will simply be granted dean status automatically.

To ensure a smooth transition to the new system, each dean will also be assigned a resident “Personal Advising Dean” to help guide them through their new role as dean. With each dean under the guidance of a Personal Advising Dean, House Dean, and the new Dean of Deans, Faust said she is confident the redesigned system will be “drastically more clear about the role of deans on campus.”

Dean of the College Rakesh Khurana hailed the policy as “a major leap forward for inclusion on campus,” a sentiment echoed by Dean of Student Relations Robert Dean.


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