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Intro to Buddhism Student Totally Enlightened

Goldblatt has yet to achieve enlightenment in the field of economics.

CAMBRIDGE, MA - A Harvard sophomore has reached enlightenment. Aaron Goldblatt, '15, was first introduced to the core beliefs of Buddhism when he shopped Culture and Belief 25 at the beginning of the semester. "It was Professor Gyatso's lecture that really got me thinking," remembers Goldblatt. "We're all just, like, a part of the infinite, you know?"

Goldblatt is completely willing to share his newfound wisdom, as anyone who has sat with him in the dining hall can attest. His roommate, Frank Houston, '15, recalls talking to Goldblatt on the first night of his spiritual awakening: "It was like he wasn't really Aaron anymore, like he'd transcended Aaron-ness. He told me that 'he finally got it,' and I believed him."

Goldblatt did not end up taking the course, but the lessons he learned from Gyatso's first lecture would go on to form the foundation of his spiritual development. "I remember Professor Gyatso said something about how when we see a building, we aren't really seeing a building. Like, to an ant, it might be a mountain, or to a bird it might's like...we're always using words, you know? But what are words?" Goldblatt, who was raised a reform Jew, says these ideas and this lecture sparked his spiritual journey, but it was up to him to complete it, which he did three days later.

"Do I consider myself enlightened? Yes," said Goldblatt after his weekly five minutes of meditation, "Do I consider myself the reincarnation of Buddha? Well, I haven't ruled it out just yet." Goldblatt is majoring in Economics and can't decide between trading and investment banking.

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