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Lamont to No Longer Offer Complimentary Checked Bags

A man receiving a complimentary checked bag in the Lamont Cafe
A Lamont frequent studier takes advantage of the free bag check one last time.

HARVARD YARD – According to reports from sources close to University Operations, Lamont Library will no longer be offering complimentary checked bags upon departure.

Mirroring a nationwide trend, the once-prestigious library in the Yard's southeast corner has decided to do away with a service that has been taken for granted by many, much to the chagrin of frequent studiers.

“No matter how many late night red-eyes I have to endure in Lamont, I could always count on having my bags checked,” said Kira A. Dunwell '19. “But now I can’t even get my first bag checked for free?”

“I chose Lamont for its service,” said Matthew C. Green '20. “No matter how crowded it was, there always seemed to be legroom. But this – this might be it for me. I'm taking my business to Widener.”

According to a press release by Securitas, this move is designed to “expedite the library process,” but some feel that the price of convenience is lax security.

“It feels as if they’re not concerned for the safety of our reading materials anymore,” Andrew W. Bonnell '18 commented. “I long for the days when they enforced shoe removal to prevent stolen SD Cards,” he added, whistfully.

Sources say that Lamont Cafe, which has long been overcharging for soft drinks and little bags of pretzels, will continue their current service. In addition, patrons who wish to use the lavatory will reportedly still be restricted to alternating floors.

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