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Last-Minute Spring Break Ideas

This place is the end of the line- I mean, out of this world!

If you are anything like us at Satire V, you've probably procrastinated on planning your Spring Break until now. But don’t worry- we've got you covered. Here are some cool last minute Spring Break options for you and your lazy and/or disorganized friends.

Wild But Accessible: The T

Get to know your local public transportation system from all angles. Stretch out on the never-been-cleaned cushioned seats; learn about marketing from well-targeted ads; and maybe hear some poppin’ tunes from some local street musicians! Nothing required in your bag except a pillow and a good attitude!


Indoorsy: The Rafters of Annenberg

No expensive plane flight required! At “the last supper,” sneak up into one of the classrooms on the second floor of Memorial Hall and get ready to spend the wildest week of your life curled up in the rafters. You can appreciate the world's largest secular stained glass collection. Explore in peace and solidarity the back entrances to Sanders Theater and the solemn darkness of the Queen’s Head Pub. If you’re feeling lucky, gamble on a game of pool with some of Harvard’s local rodents. You’ll probably want to do this early in the week, before you lose all hope.


Voluntourism: Pick Up a Piece of Trash as You Walk Back to Your Hotel

So, you have a nice little vacation lined up, but you’re looking for something more? Want to one-up your friends and feel that sweet spark of self-righteousness? Try picking up a piece of trash on your way back to your hotel, in whatever exotic location you choose! You’ll get to contribute to a distant community, boost your ego, and make an otherwise extravagant vacation a truly life-changing experience!


Thinking about the Future: Your Parent’s Basement

You haven’t moved in yet, but this is a great time to start furnishing it with menus from order-in restaurants and scribbled-on high school yearbooks. Just because you’re peaking now doesn’t mean you should stop planning for the future!


Once in a Lifetime: The Australian Outback

Never want your Spring Break to end? You can be on Spring Break for the rest of your life! Snakes, spiders, platypi, oh my! Go out of this world during the Spring Break of your life.


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