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List: Clubs That Will Merge

Look at all the clubs that could be merged.

HFAC and HCFA: While the Harvard Financial Analysts Club and Harvard College Faith and Action seem to have opposing goals and different visions of society, the OSL has decided that it's working pretty well for the Republican Party, so why not!

Chinese Students Association and the Catholic Students Association (CSA): They share the same acronym, so why not kill two birds with one stone?

Students for Israel and the Palestine Solidarity Committee: We hear these groups meet in the same space, so it makes sense to merge them. They probably get along already, right?

Harvard Undergraduate Council and Harvard University Choir (HUC): Students may actually enjoy attending Undergraduate Council meetings if the motions are sung. 

Small Claims Advisory Service and The Advocate: SCAS provides legal information for small claims cases, so the Advocate would finally be living up to its name.

The Bee and the Harvard Beekeepers: A sweet, sweet match.

Harvard College Consulting Group and the Gilbert & Sullivan Players: A natural fit, HCCG&S would be a full-service management consulting firm whose advice is given exclusively in the form of comic opera performances.



Image source: Harvard College

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